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This is a free website for everybody who works in English Language Teaching. It was set up in 2006 by Felicity O'Dell, Rosalie Kerr and Tim Jones.

The idea here is that the estimated 6,000,000 (yes six million) English teachers worldwide should have more contact with each other. For every delegate at an international conference there are thousands who never leave their work places but who can contact each other via sites like this. So far we've signed up rather fewer than six million members but we have managed to attract people from 89 different countries so we live in hope.

If you would like to be an eltlinkup member and have a free page on this site, click on the Register tab and complete the form. We will publish everything you write on the form including your email address. Many members prefer to use Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo email addresses.

If you want to find someone, then click on the Find People tab. There you will have the choice of browsing eltlinkup members by country or by typing in a name.

If you want to submit details of an elt-related event or read about elt events, click on the Events tab.

If you want to submit an article (we don't pay but you get exposure in 89 countries) or read articles already published, click on the Articles tab.

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The sites and banners listed here have nothing to do with but we think they're worth looking at.

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Nothing to do with eltlinkup but we like                             HLT

Nothing to do with eltlinkup but this is a                    good publication

Nothing to do with eltlinkup but this is a                    good publication

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